The concept of “placemaking” was first introduced nearly fifty years ago by activists and author, Jane Jacobs. Her common sense ideas presented in her first book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, published in 1961, brought about revolutionary new concepts about American’s public places and design. Together with research advocate, William H. Whyte, Jacobs led the way for a new place-based, community-centered approach to urban planning.

Tectonic is in the place making business – creating, developing, building, restoring, leasing and managing places of distinction. These are places that are special from an architectural, environmental and / or technological perspective. These are also the kind of places, which add real and lasting value to a community and their owners. We have the skill, experience and resources required to make them a reality. But, what really sets Tectonic apart, is vision, progressiveness and the unique ability to balance efficiency with effectiveness, and the useful with the artistic. In short, it’s the art and science of what makes better places.

The roots of Tectonic can be traced back to the late 1960’s when young boy by the name of Chris Simonton’s interest in building and the built environment began to take shape.

The new Courtyard by Marriott and Mela Urban Bistro has given the community a key downtown destination – a unique upscale hotel/dining experience. This major downtown renovation project was recognized by the American Institute of Architects receiving an AIA Award of Merit

Located in the heart of downtown Springfield is one of Tectonic’s most current and successful re-development projects. The former Edison Center is now branded Commerce Pointe, the premier multi-tenant office building is a prime example of a highly viable and successful design/build investment property.

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It is the mission of Tectonic Services to develop, construct and manage the finest quality, most outstanding projects and properties in our area.

We will focus on providing exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders by focusing on the effectiveness of our products and services, which maximizes the asset creation these projects and properties represent to the owners and their community.

We will conduct our business in a manner which is consistent with the highest levels of integrity, craft, service and passion. By going above and beyond, we will create continued opportunity for our staff, both economically and professionally.

Our Mission

Placemaking Concept Provides Foundation for Urban Planning 

Springfield, Ohio

Throughout history, architecture and the ever changing, built environment has significantly influenced our thinking, our life experiences, our perceptions of place, and provided us with our sense of ourselves. No other art form has the power to transform and shape ideas and perceptions like building do. Buildings reassure us that our contributions make a difference and reminded us of our human connectedness.

The Fitness Cellar adaptive reuse project adds vitality in the city.

The Placemaking movement followed based on this new way of thinking -- that cities should be designed for people, with walkable streets, vibrant and open, urban spaces, and liveable neighborhoods. This approach embodied the attributes that they saw as creating a sense of community - a sense of place

Historic reference resource: Project for Public Spaces (PPS) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining public places that build communities.

The Townscape Institute, Inc., is a non-profit, public interest planning organization concerned with place making and place meaning through conservation and visual enhancement of the built environments.