As evidenced by the marketing efforts of almost every building contractor, the importance of quality, timeliness and integrity are the primary focus of the construction industry. At tectonic, those attributes represent only the basics of what we are about. Seeking to deliver a product that is exceptional, we focus our construction expertise in ways that support, facilitate and integrate with our development, property services and real estate investment activities, to deliver truly remarkable and valuable results.

How we engage this expertise, depends on the situation. On a small lease build out, we may perform the actual construction work. On a medium size commercial project, we may act as construction manager, while on a large-scale real estate development project; we may employ a general contractor to serve as the owner’s representative. In all cases, our direct participation in the construction process is a key activity and a primary focus in achieving the successful end result we aspire to – making exceptional places.

This involvement insures that the fundamental principals that we profess are embedded in our projects and properties. These ideals are at the core of every successful project. We believe that high quality design is not an option; it is a necessity and our obligation. Accordingly, we embrace the design and engineering process and the professionals who work in related fields. We work primarily on a design/ build basis, where we assemble and coordinate the ideal team of designers, engineers, staff, subcontractors and vendors, and then lead them through a collaborative process that delivers a truly fulfilling process and product for all involved – one that achieves real and lasting value.

Areas of Specialization:

-  design / build construction

-  to lease projects

-  design centric projects

-  multi-tenant office buildings

-  custom office interiors

-  historic preservation projects

-  renovation projects

-  adaptive reuse projects

-  urban projects

-  technology centric projects

-  financial institutions

-  professional office projects

-  restaurant / retail projects

-  fast track projects

Tectonic has successfully completed projects of various scale – from small interior renovations to large scale buildings, we’ve built some of the most visible and successful buildings in the region.

At Tectonic, our approach to green building is to conduct a project life cycle cost analysis to determine the appropriate level of expenditure. This analytical method calculates costs over the useful life of the building and provides project decision-makers critical data to determine the right process, systems and materials to use. Employing green building design and construction processes can make a substantial difference in the life cycle cost of ownership and operations. Although, some green systems and solutions may cost more initially, they save operating costs over the life of the building.

These and other cost savings can only be fully realized when they are incorporated at the project's conceptual design phase with the assistance of an integrated team of design/build and construction professionals. This integrated systems approach ensures that the building is designed as one cost effective and efficient system.

Additional benefits include, improved occupant health and comfort, productivity, reduced pollution emissions and landfill waste. Even given a tight budget project, many green building measures can be incorporated with minimal or no increased up-front costs and they can yield enormous returns.

Energy Efficient Building Design Pays Significant Long-term Dividends

Precision and attention to detail are the hallmarks of a Tectonic built structure. The beautiful wood ceiling depicted above is just one of the elements that give visitors to the Davidson Interpretive Center in Springfield, Ohio such a warm welcoming experience.

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