It starts with vision. It’s the ability to see value and opportunity where others cannot, the ability to visualize what is possible. At tectonic, we have the entrepreneurial mindset and creative capacity that makes us excel in this regard.

But true vision is more than a dream – it’s a dream with a plan. This is where the nuts and bolts of real estate development come into play and we have the toolbox to not only get the job done, but to get the job done well.

We do this via a collaborative approach, one that relies on a team that includes our own staff, regional and national experts from the planning, design engineering front, highly successful developer partners, and leading financial institutions. This work is about excellent project management skills and leveraging resources and relationships in order to make it happen.

Our focus is on place based, design and client centric projects. The implication of this is that we pursue projects of the highest quality, exceptional places that fit within the context of our community’s master plan and economic development agenda, in order to achieve maximum financial performance and long term return for our investor partners.

Over the course of the past 10-years, a master plan for Springfield’s urban center has been developed through the efforts of Center City Association, Westcott House and Turner Foundations, Wittenberg University, Clark State Community College, Chamber of Commerce, city officials and business leaders. The final plan was designed by MSI Design and presented to the public in 2007.

Beginning 2009, implementation of Phase I is scheduled to start with construction of the downtown’s central green space mall which is the “centerpiece” of the master plan for the urban core’s development and revitalization. The central mall straddles three city blocks and directly connects into the Veterans Park along Buck Creek. The entire project will take approximately 3 years to complete.

This central “green” ultimately creates prime real estate opportunities and ideal retail, business, and corporate office locations in the center of Springfield’s downtown. “We designed something very similar for Columbus, Ohio in what is called the Arena District,” said Tim Schmalenbarger, principal of MSI, “it was a huge success, with the property values adjacent to the green space increasing exponentially – it became some of the most sought after property in Columbus.” 


Springfield has grown and prospered as a superb business location. The area's commitment to nurturing a first-class business environment goes well beyond simply conducting good business - it’s a culture of business support and success.

Located near the center of Ohio, Springfield boasts a rich history; a community of nearly 64,000, it features exciting regional sports and recreation, bustling commercial districts, and outstanding cultural amenities.

Springfield Development

Strategically located in the heart of Ohio’s technology corridor, Nextedge natural design masks a highly advanced business environment designed to support IT, data management, applied research and high technology companies with connectivity, security, and customer workforce access.

In 2004, Springfield was named an All-America City, an honor bestowed by the National Civic League on communities that display civic excellence and address challenging and critical community issues.

Citizens, nonprofit organizations, business leaders and government officials continually work in tandem to develop innovative new solutions to address its unique economic challenges.

This innovative thinking has inspired new possibilities and offers prime investment opportunities for service, retail and entertainment businesses.

Savvy business investors and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the many advanced resources available in Springfield’s core downtown area including access to an extensive interstate fiber optic high-speed network, and a diverse, well educated workforce from many nationally recognized area universities.


Nextedge’ open, innovative, prairie style campus design aligns with the business culture and preferred work environments of technology and research companies. The unique architectural style reflects both the innovative ideals of the tenants while maintaining alignment to best-in-class standards that will contribute to success and the overall park experience.

Construction of Springfield’s central “green space” mall is scheduled to beging in August of 2009.

Nextedge: Designed

to Support Technology Companies with Connectivity, Security, and Workforce Access

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