Named after one of mortgage bankings’ most notable and prestigious pioneers, Henry S. Kissell, the Kissell Center was built in 1969. Located astride one of the most beautiful stretches along Buck Creek, the 65,000 SF, three-story multi-level commercial building is a functional architectural gem. Tectonic purchased the building in 2002, took on the task of renovating the 35-year-old office building and skillfully brought it into the 21st Century.

Among many other assets it stylishly displays, it also hosts a pictorial display of historic events inspired by the accomplishments of the late Henry Kissell, who died in 1972. Mr. Kissell literally invented the mortgage banking business, and this was the building he built as their headquarters – the former home of Northwest Mutual. More recently, Assurant Group, and Avetec operated their businesses here. The commercial offices are open, ultra-simple, technically very sophisticated, highly adaptable, and flexible.

Currently available space will provide the most up-to-date technical and architectural assets to the most demanding commercial office requirements. Available as is or customized to your specific build-out requirements, the Kissell Center’s location and quality will present your company in a very special way.

Kissell Center‘s more efficient office design leverages the 3 to 4 percent expenditure invested on integrated technology and connectivity to improve the productivity factors of the user associate  – this can have a very dramatic effect on associate work contributions compared to a more traditional floor plan. These associate factors can represent up to 91 percent of the typical service organization's costs. The building’s interior configuration also contributes; a company or organization benefits immensely from an integrated design approach that focuses on meeting prioritized work efficiency objectives. Through pre-design assessment and a comprehensive integrated design process, this new generation of high-performance office building can offer owners and users increased worker satisfaction and greater productivity.

This office building delivers, flexible and technologically advanced working environments that are safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible. It also can accommodate the specific space, office furnishings, and equipment needs of any tenant. Special attention has also been made to the selection of interior finishes, hardware, and art installations, particularly in entry spaces, conference rooms and other areas with public access.


  1. Renovation of a single tenant office building into Class A multi-tenant offices.

  2. Building Type: Professional Multi-story Office

• Size: 3 Story, 20,800/Floor

• Exterior: Brick over block wall

  1. Interior: Metal stud wall framing,

  metal channel ceiling framing,

  direct suspension ceiling framing,      

  shaftwall wall system with

  Gypsum board and joint

  treatment, tile backer board

  and joint treatment, and

  acoustic insulation

• Fire Rating: Walls ASTM E119,

  Ceilings ASTM E119, Roof

  ASTM E119

• Finish: Per GA-214 Levels

• Manufacturer's Certificate:

  Certification products meet or

  exceeds specified sustainable

  design requirements

• Energy Efficiency: Chapter 80,

  Quality Level III Performance

• Health/Safety: Certified

  ASTM Level III

• Availability: 10,000 SF

A Gallery of Harry S. Kissell’s notable achievements and historic photographs of this legendary entrepreneur are presented in the East Entrance Hall.

New Branded Exterior Signage

Computer and Internet access are available to associates, clients and visitors via this central information center.

Kissell Real Estate Company was established in 1884 in Springfield by Cyrus B. Kissell. Harry entered his father's business after his graduation from Wittenberg University in 1896, and became president of the company in 1906. One of Kissell's accomplishments was the development of the Ridgewood residential subdivision, which gained national recognition.

As a leading Springfield real estate developer, Harry S. Kissell, believed in the value of private home ownership; literally creating the mortgage banking industry, he gained national fame by inventing mortgage insurance that enabled more affordable homeownership for an expanding American middle class population.


Harry S. Kissell, Springfield, Ohio.