Construction Work Begins on Nextedge Applied Research Technology Park
Springfield, OH. Aligned with the City of Springfield, Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce and region’s strategic economic development initiatives, An all-stars design and construction management team, under the direction of Chris Simonton, principal of Laughlin and Scanlan Construction, led the development of the Nextedge Applied Research and Technology Park. The 240 acres (Phase I) of the development was designed and built with one purpose in mind – to attract 21st Century companies in order to garner new, highly compensated, professional, research and technology jobs for our community.....more

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Commerce Pointe New Office Location for Chamber of Commerce 
The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce will become a part of the downtown core block when it moves to the Edison Center, 20 South Limestone Street. “I have a vision of what downtown is going to look like in 10 to 20 years, and we want to be part of that,” Chamber President Mike McDorman said. The move could be made as early as December (2008). If not then, the move will be made in late January (2009)....more
Renovation of Historic Wren Hill - Tectonic’s New Office Location 
A native of Ireland Edward J. Wren moved to the United States with his wife Margaret in 1872. In 1877, he and his partners started a dry goods retail business in the heart of downtown Springfield, Ohio. The store was originally called Kinnane, Wren and Company. In 1883 the name was changed to Edward Wren Company. By 1885 the builders had completed the construction of their new house at 1115 North Limestone Street – the site and historic residence now restored and rechristened “Wren Hill....more
Simonton Guides Retail Store Installation at Frank Lloyd Wright Westcott House
The one thing the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright never considered as part of his design for the Westcott’s garage and stables was its eventual use as a visitor center and gift shop. So, when the Westcott House required design support and construction of the custom designed retail area, they turned to Chris Simonton and his team – tapping into his extensive design/build experience ...more

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High Tech Economic Development Goes Prairie Style! 
“It was designed in an early style of Frank Lloyd Wright – his Prairie style,” said Simonton, “but that’s where the similarities end. Nextedge was built with one purpose in mind - to attract 21st Century companies and to garner new, highly compensated, professional, research and technology jobs in our community.” ...more
Obituary of Edward J. Wren – Springfield Daily News 
On Friday, October 26, 1917, page one of the Springfield Daily News reported the death of Edward Wren, Sr., aged 69 years. He was a former resident of Springfield and founder of the Edward Wren company's dry goods store; he had died Thursday night at his home, Rockway Park, at Far Rockway Beach, New York. Death claimed Mr. Wren at 11:15 o'clock, eastern time. James H. Malone, a son-in-law of Mr. Wren, received a telegram Thursday night carrying the sad news...more