Strategically located in the heart of Ohio’s technology corridor, Nextedge was designed to meet the unique needs of applied research and technology companies, by offering a highly reliable and secure infrastructure, high-speed fiber network, optional dark fiber feeds, dual power access, and low risk of natural disaster. Nextedges’ comprehensive design integrates passive and active security features, in an ideal tenant environment – a “prairie” landscape architecture plan creates an open campus setting. While the Springfield region offers strong cultural arts, recreation activities, quality schools and a variety of housing alternatives.

This advanced technology park is located in the center of the Columbus-Dayton-Cincinnati- technology corridor, provides one-day access to leading companies in major industries; including aerospace, automotive, healthcare/pharmaceutical, consumer goods, financial services and retail. It is also in close proximity to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Battelle Institute and two medical schools.

The Nextedge plan includes a multi-million dollar, central and shared training center, associate amenities, and convenient access to local services. The Springfield Dayton Region was ranked as a top 10, tier 2 technology center, with access to a highly trained workforce… over 14,000 technology workers within the region and more than 20 colleges or universities in the area with many offering programs in IT and engineering.

The technology park is supported by a streamlined development process with strong local, regional and state economic support. The tenant-tested one-stop client service process was designed for the speed of today’s business – cutting through the traditional “red tape” that is typical of most economic development processes. Nextedge is considered a model example of Ohio’s well-funded Third Frontier development initiative, that support coupled with local and regional economic development support packages makes Nextedge very attractive.

The construction work required for delivery of a very sophisticated high technology park like Nextedge presented a tremendous challenge, and the development team that was led by the directors - Laughlin, Scanlan and Simonton, included veteran architects Miller Watson, award-winning MSI Design (site planning, urban design, and landscape architecture), and Korda/Nemeth Engineering – all from Columbus, Ohio.

The construction work included, working collaboratively with city engineers and utility suppliers, as well as the specialists installing the access system links for the ultra-high-speed communications infrastructure. The 2,587-foot “datum” wall defines the entryway and western  boundaries of Nextedge and it also provides the first-line of security – defending against any type of forced entry by vehicle. “The wall is created by utilizing a system of 3’ X 4’ wire-cage units filled with stones. The wire-cage unit is stacked and secured. It is beautiful especially when it is lighted at night - it makes an impressive statement.



  1. New Applied Research,  Technology, and Commercial Office Development that supports IT, and applied research industry.

  2. Building Types: IT, Data, Research Facilities Professional Multi-story Class-A Offices

  3. Size: 240 Acres (Phase I)

  4. Nextedge is located at 4505 E. National Road (U.S. 40), in Springfield Ohio. Access from US 40 and SR 41/4; near I-70. US 40 and SR 41/4

The comprehensive site plan included the proposed style of architecture, exterior design components, and the landscape design elements gave the Nextedge Technology Park it’s unique character. The park features walking and biking pathes as well as integrated natural security features that complimented the plan’s open, prairies style approach.

The conceptual rendering of the 2,587-foot “datum” wall defines the entryway and western boundaries of the Nextedge Technology Park, as well as the proposed hydrology features of the landscape plan.

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Presentation of Nextedge Design Concept at Wittenberg University

  1. Over 15 acres have been extensively  planted with native Prairie grasses and meadowland flora to provide excellent wildlife habitat, filter storm water from the parking areas, and enhance the overall perimeter walking, biking, and exercise paths.

  1. Fiber from ATT, Time Warner Cable Telecom, OARNET; other national carriers within 1 mile

  1. Reliable power: 138 KVA service deliverable to the site; independent substation availability

• Site Availability: 1 to 50 Acres

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